Group Pilates Classes

Allegro 2 Reformer Class – intermediate/advanced

Our most popular class is dynamic and energetic.  You’ll have your own A2 reformer for the whole class which targets your abdominals, arms and legs/buttocks. Suitable for the fit and able bodied

Mixed Class – intermediate

A workout incorporating core strengthening using the principles and movements of pilates whilst exercising using variety of equipment – mat, fitballs, reformers and small apparatus such as rollers, weights and therabands.  There is a different focus for each class for variety.

“Crunch Time” Mens Class – beginners/intermediate

Get into shape during this class specifically designed for the needs of guys.  Focuses on flexibility and strength whilst exercising using a variety of equipment – fitballs, reformers and small apparatus such as rollers, weights and therabands.  ”Are you man enough?”

Pilates for kids

Your child will love this dynamic class teaching them ideal posture and movement in a fun and encouraging atmosphere. Suitable from 7 years of age.

Infusion Pilates OsteoPrevent – intermediate

Strengthen your bones, muscles and stamina with this resistance training and anti-gravity extension class using the Allegro 2 reformers. This class is specifically designed for people with osteopenia or osteoporosis – as well as those wanting to be proactive about lessening the likelihood these common age-related conditions.

Pregnancy Allegro 2 reformer class – beginners

Maintain your body during pregnancy and prepare for birth using the Allegro 2 reformers and small apparatus such as fit balls.  Focuses on pelvic floor and functional strength and is suitable for early pregnancy through to late (39 weeks).  We are able to safely modify your exercises depending on where you are in your pregnancy.

Mums N Bubs Allegro 2 reformer class – beginners

This class is a mixture of floor and reformer work so you can enjoy the benefits of the A2 class, geared towards the needs of a new mother, whilst your baby is nearby.  Suitable for mums between 6 weeks post natal to before baby is crawling.

Infusion Pilates Boot Camp – intermediate/advanced – ON HOLD

Rise and shine with this vigorous cardio and strength session designed to get your heart pumping – combination of boxing with professional boxer and world champion Erin McGowan and specific physiotherapy strength exercises for abs, buttocks and legs. Energise yourself and take on the day with vigour

Women’s Stretch and Align  class – beginner – ON HOLD

Specifically for improving flexibility and movement using the Allegro 2 reformers, fit balls and rollers. If you feel stiff and want to feel more freedom of movement in your body, this class is for you.

Click here to go to our Group Classes Timetable. Please note Group Classes run for 55 minutes.

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