Optimal Performance and Mindset – Part 2

Achieving your optimal performance involves having a healthy mindset that you can integrate with your physical activity. In Optimal Performance and Mindset – Part 1 we discussed the importance of having a growth mindset and letting go of old beliefs that affect your body’s health and performance. Below we will talk about 4 mindset concepts […]

Optimal Performance and Mindset – Part 1

The critical element for optimal performance at any level is mindset.  It is no secret that elite athletes work on this to create the edge they need to be the best in their field.   So why are we not integrating this “mindset” concept into performance from the ground up and at every level? As practitioners, […]

Managing Inflammation and Improving your Immunity

Inflammation and immune function are hot topics. Now more than ever it is essential to boost yourimmune system and be as healthy as possible.   Why is inflammation a problem? Chronic inflammation and poor immunity are the cause of so many health issues.  While we oftenassociate inflammation with arthritis and allergies, it is related to […]

Top 5 pregnancy exercises for home

pregnancy exercises - standing and weights

MY TOP 5 PREGNANCY EXERCISES My previous news item  “3 Ps of Pregnancy” explained the importance of keeping your body strong and supple during pregnancy and how to stay safe during your workouts. This blog outlines my top 5 pregnancy exercises you can do safely at home and the benefits of each exercise. Despite the […]

The Benefits of Physio-Guided Exercise During Pregnancy

pregnancy exercises with Amy

I’m a strong advocate for exercise through out life and what better time to maintain this as when creating another life. Years ago in Melbourne I studied the benefits of Physiotherapy guided exercise during pregnancy in Antenatal and Post-natal Pilates. Now pregnant myself I am lucky enough to utilize that, my Physiotherapy knowledge and also […]

Managing Your Menopause

Menopause and exercise - arm weights

Senior Physiotherapist Sue Lin recently attended an Education Workshop hosted by Fit Right Physiotherapy, with Dr. Jane Weeks from the Menopause and MSAC Clinic at KEMH. The afternoon covered the latest information regarding the medical management of Menopause symptoms and clarification about the roles of certain hormones according to current research.  A clinical framework for […]

My Take On Roller Releases

roller release

Releasing your body with the good old roller is nothing new, but I would like to show you my take on roller releases. Physiotherapists, sports trainers, exercise physiologists and alike have been teaching their clients to use this fabulous tool for years and for many of our clients here at Infusion, jumping on the floor […]