The GYROKINESIS® Method in Perth

About our GYROKINESIS® Method classes

The GYROKINESIS® method incorporates all the concepts of the GYROTONIC® method without the assistance and resistance of the equipment.

The exercises are carried out “yoga style” in various positions on the floor, whilst sitting on a stool and standing and so no equipment is required. All movements can be adjusted to suit the participant’s level and ability. So you basically go at your own pace, creating small or large movements but always controlled.

The essence is creating balanced arcs of motion of the spine so bending forwards, backwards, side to side and turning then combinations of these.

GYROKINESIS® exercises create “normal movement to the max” which opens up the body beyond what you are used to and think you can achieve.

“When the body system is balanced in posture and movement your body will allow you to do what you want to do at whatever level you are at.”

Vanessa Kirby, Managing Director and Principal Physiotherapist

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