Online Physiotherapy Services

Now that the restrictions have again been lifted somewhat for us in Perth, we are pleased to be offering more face to face physiotherapy sessions and treatments, in addition to our usual telehealth online.

We have completely reconfigured our practice; the waiting areas and exercise studios so that you can be assured that there is adequately spaced equipment.  We have reduced the number of clients in the practice at the one time plus sanitize with hospital grade antiviral on all our surfaces before and after your treatment. Should you prefer to wear gloves and/or a mask we have these at hand for your comfort.

So, what this means for you is that you have the choice to come in for your treatment or use the online services.  Either way, we are here to listen to your physiotherapy concerns, assess, diagnose and treat you from the practice or the comfort of your home. .

For telehealth consults we can see you real time from your computer or selected device.  We will ask all the usual questions and do all the usual assessment to determine what is going on.  From here we will guide you through the desired treatment and teach you how to self manage.  Not only do physios use their hands, we are experts at observing movement and recognizing dysfunction – often before we even lay our hands on.  T

We are confident that we can deliver the service that you deserve and want without compromising our values and beliefs.

Infusion Pilates and Physiotherapy Perth welcomes everybody: young and old, those who are injured and those in full health, novices and more experienced enthusiasts alike – and everyone in between.

We believe that the age old expression “move it or lose it” carries more than a grain of truth – especially as people get older and even more so at this time of CoVid-19

Furthermore, bad postural patterns often start in childhood. The younger we see a person in life, the easier it is to change these patterns into positive ones and reduce the potential for long-term problems.

We also know there is strong evidence showing exercise and positive movement experiences are essential in the rehabilitation of many musculoskeletal and chronic pain conditions.

During pregnancy too, specific exercises help strengthen the body supporting both mum and growing baby. It’s also a beautiful way to prepare for labour.

The bottom line is that regardless of where you are in life, specific exercises directed at your needs can benefit you and will help you stay fit and healthy especially whilst in the stay home period of CoVid-19.

Stay home + Stay well + Stay fit and healthy


The Infusion Philosophy

At Infusion we:

  • Aim to thoroughly assess and trace any problems right back to their root cause when you first come to see us by performing a thorough assessment.  This helps us find the treatment and exercise for you
  • Tailor your treatment and exercises to suit your body because we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all solution
  • Modify your exercise program session to session depending on your needs that day
  • Provide physiotherapy “hands on” treatment as required during your studio session, because we know that outcomes are significantly improved if treatment is carried out sooner rather than later
  • Promote holistic well-being and embrace the concept of mind-body connection

Private health rebates may apply under Physiotherapy.  *** please check with your health fund as many are recognizing online Physio and providing rebates (codes T811 and T812)

Bookings are essential (08) 9448 8393 or email