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Optimal Performance and Mindset – Part 1

The critical element for optimal performance at any level is mindset.  It is no secret that elite athletes work on this to create the edge they need to be the best in their field.   So why are we not integrating this “mindset” concept into performance from the ground up and at every level?

As practitioners, I think we are utilizing this concept in varying degrees, depending on the practitioner and their knowledge and experience, but this is mostly likely still in the subconscious space for the client.

So… what am I talking about?

Setting goals at Infusion to improve your functional movement, sport or reduce pain and dysfunction is centered around working on your mindset first to create the ideal environment to develop. Being consciously aware of this and actively involved is integral in the process to perform at your optimum.

Do you have a fixed mindset?
... Lets change that

In my 25 years of physiotherapy practice specifically working on movement retraining, the hardest clients to work with are the ones with the fixed mindset and strong beliefs about how they should be holding themselves, moving and exercising. 

They are stuck in their way of doing things which may not be helping them develop and achieve their goals.  Breaking these undesirable patterns is the key to moving forward towards their goal/s.

Growth and Fixed Mindset

I believe that retraining your brain makes a huge difference in retraining your body.

Old Beliefs Holding Back

Are your old beliefs holding your back?
... Lets get rid of them

Have you heard of the sayings, “No pain, no gain” and “trying harder is better”? Many people assume that the more it hurts, and the harder they try, the better the results.

However, I don’t believe this is so in regards training your body for optimal performance. 

The best way to improve your physical capability is to have efficient posture and movement.

Forcing yourself into pain with huge amounts of effort is not a part of this concept. Instead of trying harder and pushing through pain, try thinking smarter and take the time to get your body connected and switched on.

Not only is this easier and less painful, you also get the best results!

Take a moment to consider these concepts and stay tuned for Part 2 with my specific guidance on how to achieve your optimal performance through mindset concepts, and remember… 

Try smarter and not harder!

Vanessa Kirby

Managing Director
Principal Physiotherapist

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