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Optimal Performance and Mindset – Part 2

Achieving your optimal performance involves having a healthy mindset that you can integrate with your physical activity.

In Optimal Performance and Mindset – Part 1 we discussed the importance of having a growth mindset and letting go of old beliefs that affect your body’s health and performance.

Below we will talk about 4 mindset concepts to use when exercising. 

How do we use mindset concepts?

Here are four simple steps to keep in mind when working with your body.

1. Identify and unwind the dysfunctional layers and patterns within your body

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Over recruiting muscles to complete a task is not effective, efficient or ideal. There is no point working towards an exercise goal if your posture or movement is holding you back. 

With many of us spending more and more time sitting at a desk, it is easy to adopt new habits, such as slouching or craning the neck forward, which have a negative impact on our bodies.

At Infusion, we identify your patterns and teach you how to unwind them to create a more balanced posture and movement for your work and personal life. 

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It is crucial to find a practitioner who is the right fit for you, as you must trust them and have full confidence that what they are teaching is ideal for you. 

2. Create an element of calmness and "try smarter"

When exercising there must be an element of calmness where you are not trying too hard. 

We know that if you try too hard, your body will tense up and won’t be able to do what you would like as well.  

It makes sense that to do a job well, it is ideal to complete the task with the least amount of effort. 

i.e. If you have neck pain and tension and you are strengthening your arms, efficient arm work does not include putting strain on your neck muscles

Instead of pushing your body to the limit each time you exercise, it is more effective to ensure your body is properly connected and you are moving with the right technique. 

Excessive effort can subconsciously encourage undesirable habits to return. 

3. Connect to the moment

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Back out of the sense of urgency to get the exercise done, as this creates tension and restricts movement, power and speed. 

We know that when you are stressed to get the job done, the body reacts differently and this is often not ideal. 

Each individual movement needs to be focused on.  Not the previous one, or the future one, and certainly not on anything outside what you are doing in that moment.

The old saying “It is about the journey, not the destination” holds true. 

Broad awareness and deep focus leads to a greater connection with your body. 

4. Focus on breath and alignment

Breath work and thinking specifically about the moment help you focus. 

Plus breath creates movement and movement creates breath – working together.

When exercising you want to be in a mental state where you aren’t overthinking or over working your body. 

Changing your behavioural patterns leads to better actions and better results. 

These mindset concepts are simple and straight forward, however for many it takes dedication, time and focus to master them.

The results are truly worth every effort, so get to it and start with your trusted practitioner today!

Vanessa Kirby

Managing Director
Principal Physiotherapist

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