The GYROTONIC® Method in Perth

About our GYROTONIC® Method sessions

The GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® is an umbrella term for both the GYROTONIC® method, which uses equipment, and the GYROKINESIS® method, which does not.

This is an innovative exercise system that addresses the entire person, increases range of motion, stimulates the nervous system, improves the strength and movement efficiency. The exercises sequences are comprised of circular movements which flow together.

A key element is lengthening your body, starting with your spine and creating space in the joints, which works the surrounding muscles and fascia in lengthened range of motion. In this way, we can gain controlled flexibility through all of your current range of motion, then gain more, beyond what you may have dreamed.

The specially designed equipment used weights, pulleys and handle unit to create support whilst lengthening the body into greater ranges of movement.  At this same time, the equipment can provide resistance to build strength and tone throughout the body as the system works as a whole.

It is suitable for everyone really because the movements can be small to consider your body and rehab needs right up to the elite arena.  We have experience with ballet dancers, golfers, tennis players in particular because they require huge ranges of motion for their sport and find this system is the best to help them create it and get strong.

The benefits go beyond the physical with feelings of rejuvenation, exhilaration, energy and lightness of being.  Just try it for yourself.

At Infusion Pilates and Physiotherapy, we integrate all our knowledge and current research in formulating our programs, including the benefits of the GYROTONIC® Method.

Begin your journey to a healthier outlook today!